Matthew Hess


Dive Director, Catalina Sea Camp

"I am proud to work for Guided Discoveries. Our motivated and innovative team has created top-notch programs that enrich the lives of thousands of children every month. Our Dive Department enhances the tradition of excellence, challenging students academically and physically to produce the finest young divers in the industry."
Matt began working for Guided Discoveries in 2009 on Toyon Bay's marine science instructional staff. Since then he has assumed the roles of Assistant Program Director during the school-year and Dive Director during the summer. His primary responsibilities include maintaining the high standards of our programs and ensuring the safety of participants.

Although he hails from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, Matt felt the draw of the ocean at an early age.  He spent his summers in high school surfing the Outer Banks of North Carolina and his winters dreaming about it.

In 2007 he earned a Bachelors of Science with academic honors from the University of the South with majors in psychology and ecology.  In his free time, he could be found outside running, rock climbing, biking, snowshoeing, or trying out his new hobby: scuba diving.  After college, his strong academic background and love of the outdoors motivated him to seek a career in experiential education.  He happily accepted a position at CIMI, knowing that it has a reputation as the best outdoor education facility in the country.

He continued his scuba education across the globe, learning to rescue dive in Toyon Bay, becoming a Divemaster in Honduras and doing his first technical decompression dive in Indonesia.  He aspires to become an instructor trainer and eventually a technical diving instructor.  Although he enjoys diving across the globe, his favorite dive spots are right here on Catalina Island.