CIMI & Catalina Sea Camp

"I never imagined how wonderful CIMI would be in how it's shaped and matured Julia in her development, making life- long impressions on her and giving her opportunities to do things she'd never have been able to do." -Julia Paige's Mom (17 year old)

"Sam looked so alive when he got off the boat to come home. He was radiating excitement, happiness, achievement. It was a wonderful experience for him." -Sam Ross's Mom (11 year old)

"I wanted her to be able to have independent experiences, explore new activities, have fun, be a kid but be on her own too. She had all that and more!" -Mom of 10 year old


"AstroCamp has been revolutionary to my life as a whole. AstroCamp is grounding for my shared interests. It is great to come to a place where others are just like me. This is what defines AstroCamp as such a fantastic place to be." -Tom, age 15

"I love AstroCamp and I can't wait to come back. It's so much fun and I won't ever forget the friends I've made and the things I've learned." -Malli, age 12

"AstroCamp is a place where you get time away form your family to just take a break, enjoy yourself, have time with your friends and mature. Also, I enjoy trying different things you might never get a chance to do elsewhere, like rock climbing or lights and lasers." -Abby, age 13