Guided Discoveries Mission

Making a Difference

Guided Discoveries will make a Difference in the Lives of Children through Unique Opportunities of Discovery.

To achieve the Guided Discoveries Purpose, the employees of the organization embrace and implement The Core Values and Beliefs:

  • Children are Paramount:
    • It is our instinct and obligation to enhance their lives toward a more Productive Future.
    • We believe that unique "hands-on" education promotes positive Learning Experiences.
  • We provide service of the highest quality to our clients.
  • We promote an atmosphere that encourages personal growth of every employee.
  • We treat employees fairly, ethically, with dignity and respect while expecting them to serve the children with 100% dedication.
  • We always strive to improve on today's performance by constantly evolving programs, facilities and operations
  • Underlying all of our activities is a culture of entrepreneurialism. What can we do that hasn't been done before?
  • We Believe in Having Fun!

Every few years we evaluate our programs and set a new Mission that will stretch the organization.


As the leader in youth educational development, Guided Discoveries will positively impact more children with its proven cutting-edge programs and through new educational initiatives.

The "Making a Difference" Stories

Every year, we receive stories from students that shared their experience at our programs and how it made a positive difference in their lives.

Elementary and Jr. High School students talk about their "Firsts"; Their first snorkel, their first zip-line ride, their first look through the telescope, their first touch of a shark or their first time away from home.

Some younger students talk about the new things they learned and how they discovered that "Science could be veryCool!"  Some will even say they now want to be a Marine Biologists, an Astronomer, a Diver or a Scientist because they were inspired by their time at "camp".

We also hear from teachers and parents about the positive impact of their time at camp.  On a college application essay, many students will tell of the impact of their time at CIMI or Astrocamp or on the TOLE MOUR.  When writing about the most impactful experience of their school year, many will focus on their school trip to our camps.

"George was a high school junior when he attended a summer CIMI program to Anacapa Island.  The diving and exploring of the small island for a week had life-long impact on this young man. George attended a prestigious southern California university with a major in biology but instead of pursuing medicine, he informed his parents he would become a marine biologist.  Today Dr. George works at one of California's most respected research institutes and is well respected in his field.  The personal discoveries he made on Anacapa Island had Made a Difference in his Life."

Diane, a bright intelligent young instructor atAstrocamp sat through her first "Ross Talk" orientation.   There were several women in this new class of instructors.  When asked how many women were in their university Astronomy programs they all replied only a few.  Interested to identify why these new instructors had chosen Astronomy as their college major, Diane spoke up first…"Because I attended Astrocamp as an 8th grader".  She went on, "I didn't know much about Astronomy until then and I really liked it.  It is fun for me."  The experience Diane had at Astrocamp as a young student Made a Difference in her Life".