Our Facilities

Cherry cove waterfront.

Idyllwild, CA


Situated in the San Jacinto Mountains, AstroCamp operates school year and summer camp programs in California. The remote location and distance from light pollution provides a beautiful natural setting and incredible night sky viewing opportunities from the observatory. No other field trip or summer camp can compare!

Dining hall at astrocamp.

Clover, VA

AstroCamp Virginia

Home to Camp Motorsport, Camp CHOP, and AstroCamp Virginia school year and summer camp programs. This busy facility operates multiple programs spread out over 400+ acres of rolling green hills and forest. It boasts a go-kart track, wooded trails, teaching kitchen, science labs, and observatory for students and campers to explore and enjoy!

Aerial view of virginia facility.

Catalina Island, CA

Toyon Bay

Home to Catalina Island Marine Institute at Toyon Bay and Catalina Sea Camp 3-Week Sessions. Located in a private cove that was originally constructed as a boys’ boarding school, this facility is nestled on the leeward side of Catalina Island, about 2.5 miles from the town of Avalon. Marine science labs, waterfront dive deck, and dorm-style housing make Toyon Bay a perfect field trip and summer camp setting!

Toyon beach.

Catalina Island, CA

Fox Landing

Located about 5 miles from the town of Avalon, Fox Landing operates Catalina Island Marine Institute at Fox Landing, as well as Catalina Sea Camp 1-Week Sessions. Waterfront open-air villas, colorful hillside cabins, marine science labs, and the shelter of Long Point create an unforgettable environment for learning and fun!

Fox landing.

Catalina Island, CA

Cherry Cove

Tucked deep into a private cove on the West End of Catalina Island, Catalina Island Marine Institute at Cherry Cove is just over a mile’s walk from the small town of Two Harbors. Raised tent sites for sleeping, open-air marine science labs, and unbeatable kayaking and snorkeling provide a rugged and adventurous experience for CIMI field trips!

Cherry cove waterfront.
Girls jumping into water.

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