Matt Mishalow

Matt Mishalow Photo, Guided Discoveries

Director of Finance

“Nothing prepared me for the real world quite like camp. You have to live amongst your peers, make your own independent decisions, and learn skills like cooking and making your bed. Working for a company that I spent many years growing with is an incredible dream come true.”

Matt first started with Guided Discoveries as a 9-year-old camper at Catalina Sea Camp. After nine years as a camper, five summers working as a cabin counselor and sailing instructor, Matt began work full-time in the main office as a financial analyst and AstroCamp Summer Director.

In 2013, while living in Newport Beach, Matt met the love of his life Catherine, and together they moved back to his hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada as he took a job in the furniture trade show industry. They purchased their first home in 2015, were engaged in 2016 and were married in early 2017. A chance to return to Guided Discoveries as the Director of Finance presented itself in the Fall of 2017.

Matt holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Oregon. He is set to work on his MBA in Fall 2018.
Contact Matt at or 909.625.6194.