Matthew McGrew

Gautemala 3 153 300x225, Guided DiscoveriesMatthew McGrew

Food Service Director, Fox Landing

“Flexibility and versatility in the service that I provide makes me confident that I will offer a superior standard of service to all of the Guest. With my background and years of service, planning a variety of well-balanced nutritional menus is second nature to me. I love to go the extra mile when it comes to creating a special ambiance including the presentation of the food to fit the special request that I may receive. I enjoy making sure that the guests have tasty nutritional meals and that I meet their individual diets.  I make every attempt to meet everyone’s needs.”

Matthew was born and raised in Albuquerque, NM and spent much of his time in the mountains of Northern New Mexico.   “I knew from a young age that I love to be in the kitchen and open spaces”

Matthew studied Pastry Arts at TV-I and Johnson and Whales University in Providence RI. Matthew has over 24 years of experience. After his formal studies Matthew worked with Sun West Food Service and Fine Host – Contract Food Service Management Companies. After moving his way up to Food Service Director for a few different accounts.   Matthew then Decided to try out Self-Employment so he started out and operated Enchanted Catering Services and Mogie’s Mongolian Grill. Over the past 14 years, a few of the organizations that Matthew has teamed up with and very satisfied customers include; Arizona Cactus-Pine Girl Scout Council Inc., Camp Fire USA, Life Teen, YMCA Camp Sky-Y and 4-H Camp Mingus Springs.

After years of being Self-Employed Matthew decided to join a team. He graciously accepted the Food Service Director position at Fox Landing with Guided Discoveries. “I am so honored to be part of this amazing organization, the team has welcomed me with open arms, instantly I feel like I’m Family. I see how everyone has such a great amount of love for the impact that they make on the children and guests that come through the programs that Guided Discoveries provide.”

“As I Look back on all of the lives that I have impacted, I look forward to the new chapter in my career with this amazing opportunity living and working at Fox Landing for many years to come!”

Contact Matthew at or call310-510-1890.