CIMI/Sea Camp

"I never imagined how wonderful CIMI would be in how it's shaped and matured Julia in her development, making life- long impressions on her and giving her opportunities to do things she'd never have been able to do."

-Julia Paige's Mom (17 year old)

"Sam looked so alive when he got off the boat to come home. He was radiating excitement, happiness, achievement. It was a wonderful experience for him."

-Sam Ross's Mom (11 year old)

"I wanted her to be able to have independent experiences, explore new activities, have fun, be a kid but be on her own too. She had all that and more!"

-Mom of 10 year old


"Astrocamp has been revolutionary to my life as a whole. Astrocamp is grounding for my shared interests. It is great to come to a place where others are just like me. This is what defines

Astrocamp as such a fantastic place to be." -Tom, age 15
"I love Astrocamp and I can't wait to come back. It's so much fun and I won't ever forget the friends I've made and the things I've learned." -Malli, age 12

"Astrocamp is a place where you get time away form your family to just take a break, enjoy yourself, have time with your friends and mature. Also, I enjoy trying different things you might never get a chance to do elsewhere, like rock climbing or lights and lasers." -Abby, age 13

Tall Ship

"It's a great opportunity to let your child grow away from home. The crew lets the kids push themselves and they grow more than we thought possible. It was an awesome experience and gives your kids the experience to be like an explorer seeing other things that he or our family may never see again."  Camper Mom

"Thank you for bringing my little baby back, not only "in one piece" but also a better piece. We were surprised to see the big difference you have made to my son and we know it was a very  valuable experience to his life. He has started missing you guys and his new friends and is hoping he will be here again next year. Thank you again for the excellent job!" Camper Mom

Sea lions, sailing with 3 different kinds of dolphins, climbing high up the ropes and overcoming fear of heights, playing games while doing chores, night anchor watch, great food, singing, games, snorkeling, boogie-boarding, sea kayaking and how well everyone got along together. WOW. Camper Mom